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chims: (steal from the rich and give to the poor)
As Activity Check comes to a close and we only have three characters checking in, as well as the lack of interest in the last few events and mod posts, I'm afraid the fate of the game is pretty clear.

I'd first like to start by thanking everyone so, so much for joining Holy Relic and helping it last as long as it did! We had hoped with the new surge in canon-based games, a re-opening would be more popular and it'd be more appealing on its second run, but unfortunately with the rate new games are coming out, there's no time for them to really stabilize and build up a solid playerbase or get much recognition, even with aggressive advertising. It had a good year's run back on LJ but it just wasn't a popular premise and had little interest, and we're afraid it was much the same again.

We mods are also at fault, of course, and we do recognize that and apologize for lacking the time necessary to dedicate to the game. On the same hand however, there isn't much that could have been done without that spark of interest and keeping some traffic coming in with reserves and applications. :(

The game will be closing this month (most likely within the week, as we've had no mod helper offers or feedback to improve the game), but if you'd like some IC/OOC closure we'd be more than willing to organize a little meet-up where characters can be thanked for their time in Holy Relic's beta phase and be told they're getting sent home, so they can talk to the friends they've made one last time and leave through the Chaos Gate. If you'd like to take the chance for a final dungeon fling or anything, characters will have 24 hours ICly and you're free to toss up logs or action spam posts and take your time.

This is the only time characters will be allowed to enter the Chaos Gate without entering keywords - if the popup on the Relic has all three area words blank, characters will simply go home, but it still functions regularly and area words can be selected.

Thank you again for all your time spent with us, and we hope you've made some great friends along the way and enjoyed yourselves!
30th-Sep-2012 10:54 pm - Thank you.
ladieswhodresslikemen: (smile)
So, it has come to this...

I'm sorry to say it, but I have no ideas for this game anymore. I'll be dropping everyone, that being Mia, Faris, and Alcor/Anguished One/Al Saiduq.

I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to DWRP though and I will love you all forever.
27th-Sep-2012 03:00 am - activity check! (aug + sep)
chims: (steal from the rich and give to the poor)
activity check!

Hey guys! I'll try to keep things as clear and simple as possible, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. :)

Inside the cut is a list of all the journals in the game, and as you comment with your A/C (or letting us know you're from the month's app batch-- your first month is free!) you'll be removed from the list. If you hiatused for more than a week or for the first half of the month, you'll be exempted from A/C and your journals will be struck out with a note beside them; you're safe! But if your listed hiatus is struck out in the hiatus section below, it means it didn't cover your A/C and we'd still like you to comment! Even if it's just a quick owning-up to no activity, at least your character won't get removed from the game! (If you're actively hiatused, you'll take an automatic strike instead of getting the insta-boot.)

Activity Check will operate on a TWO-STRIKE SYSTEM! If your character receives a strike for one month, and fails activity the next month, they'll be removed from the game. Strikes are always reversible, but we will keep an eye out for excessive repeat offenders!

LEVELS will be noted below-- we have the events and alternate ways to earn levels listed at the top of A/C for the month, and if you participated, just let us know and tell us what their levels were and are changed to! We'll add them to the levels spreadsheet linked underneath at the end of A/C. Please do note that levels are not ICly only added at the end of the month, but as they "complete" the event-- you can account for them ICly as they earn them!

ACTIVITY REQUIREMENTS are simple! Two posts (OR) logs a month. This can be mix-n-match with one post and one log, or if you don't manage those, we'll also take a ten comment (ten by you, that is) thread as ONE part A/C. No posts OR logs? Give us twenty comments in threads! You can use shorter threads and the like as well, but only a maximum of THREE different threads for one part. Just try to give us at least a post now and then, huh? c:

THIS POST WILL BE CLOSED as of midnight on October 4th, or 12:01am PST on October 5th. While we might accept last-minute comments up til we've posted the results of the A/C, we'd like your comments in before that deadline. Thank you!

levels, events, & quests
POSTS (ANY): +1 level each, up to 4 per month.
LEVEL GRINDING: Field areas are +2, and dungeons are +3 levels each. We do require a link to an IC mention to the grinding/partying, although the fighting can OOCly be handwaved.
PASS A/C: Yep, you're already here, so get a comment in! That's +1 level, so please note it in your A/C comment.

AUG 10th~14th You Can't Catch Fish if You Don't Go Fishing (+3)
Summer event! Fishing competition and bathing suits as far as the eye can see.

AUG 21st~23rd Catch That Thief! (+2)
There's a thief stealing everything imaginable, and it's up to you to stop them!

SEP 22nd~26th Shine On, Harvest Moon (+3)
Fall event! The mystery behind The World's food supply is revealed, and the farmers responsible want some assistance in bringing this year's harvest to the table.

levels spreadsheet

snippety snip )

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of how late the last A/C would've been, it didn't happen at all for the month of August, so please let us know any events you participated in and we'll get the levels updated. Don't worry about providing A/C for both months, only focus on September please!
18th-Sep-2012 11:05 pm - [MOD] State of the Union
yanderator: (Default)
All right, folks, let us not kid ourselves. Those of you who were here the first round of this game (back when we were on LJ) have been through this before, but those of you who only recently joined us on DW... I just want to say a sincere thank you.

Unfortunately, we've had a really hard time generating interest in this game these past couple of months. The pacing and flow of DW/LJRP has changed a lot in the past few years; brand new games are coming out so quickly and with such frequency that other games - also new - are having a hard time actually settling into a comfortable groove. It was brought to my attention recently (in multiple ways) that this game is dying, but between lack of interest or just plain (understandable) caution, things aren't boding well for us.

Another unfortunate turn of events is that both Jamie and I have been literally slammed by real life. So while we were able to mostly keep up with the game during the summer, the two of us have been having an incredibly hard time finding the energy to keep at it now. We both love this game dearly, and I'm sure(?) a few of you feel the same way.

Which brings me to the point of this post:

Do you, the players, have any feedback on the game/suggestions to help generate interest? Otherwise, we could always use an EXTRA HAND to help us get things sorted out or to help us through these trying times. University life is suffering

As for events... We always do our best to put up the CALENDAR for the month within in the first week. All future events for the month are put there so you don't always have to wait for a plot log to go up to know what's going down!
11th-Sep-2012 09:04 am
halfempty: (You're giving me a headache.)
Sorry guys, but I've got a lot of stuff coming up and I need to cut down on how much roleplay I'm doing in the short run and I sadly didn't click too much with the game as it is. I'm gonna have to bow out, but I really loved the threads I did and had a ton of fun for my admittedly short stay! With that, Bloodedge is going to be returning home and I'll be bowing out of the game.

Stay classy, guys. You rock.
1st-Sep-2012 06:00 pm - OH GOD
apropergent: (Default)
reserves will be opened shortly, sorry guys, hanging out a friends' place and I've just been SONIC SONIC SONIC ALL DAY



25th-Aug-2012 09:31 pm - Hiatus
glassworkgenius: (sleep)
Aw man my activity's been abysmal lately. I'm super sorry I haven't been able to greet you newbies out there. Heyho! I'm Eli and I play Taiyou, a sunshiney soccer kid from a Level-5 videogame series called Inazuma Eleven!

As much as I'd like to say I'm about to fix said abysmal activity, school's been putting pressure on me and I'm gonna have to focus on the papers I have to do. So Taiyou's going to be glitched for about a month and then some. </3 M-my (almost) perfect record with event attendance noooo

Buuuut I might be wrong with how much work I'm anticipating! So in a good case scenario I'll back sooner than I think I'll be. Once again, welcome to the newbies! And I hope you have fun in The World~
25th-Aug-2012 03:40 am - Hiatus
minetodecide: (M - ore ga kimeru)
So school was been getting on my case as of late, thankfully though it's almost over so for now I'm going to be on hiatus so I can focus and kill the shit of the upcoming exam. I'll be back in a week though! See you guys!
22nd-Aug-2012 09:13 pm - Mini-Hiatus
tank_sniper: (STATUS AIL &gt; Panic)
My laptop charger kind of died, and the one I've got ordered is scheduled to come Tuesday. I'll try to clear through as many tags tonight before my laptop's fully out of juice, but after that I'll probably just have to wait it out for one whole day golly how will I survive.

So uh, yes! This'll be for just Shinon here.
17th-Aug-2012 09:05 pm
greaterspeed: (I won&#39;t look back I don&#39;t need to)
HOLY COW HI GUYS I'm actually at a con all this weekend and I didn't realize I didn't post a thing here saying I would be gone. SO YEA!! I'LL BE BACK!!!!!!

And to everyone who just apped in; a fond hello and feel free to backtag into the event. It's cool so long as you aren't trying to tag into it a month late. 8|;;;;

This affects all mah video game dudes (Sonic, Link, Layton, Prometheus and Raphael).

PS: If you're in the Greater Vancouver area and are attending Anime Revolution feel free to DROP BY BOOTH 208 AT THE ARTIST ALLEY and say hi. ;v;
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