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I'm guessing this is the OOC comm/the place for introductions, so here I go!

My name's Sophie! I'm just getting back into RP after a really long break, so if I have any major faux pas, lemme in on it!!

I'm bringing in N, from the Pokemon games. Specifically Black version, since that's the version I played! So he's the "Hero of Ideals", the main antagonist, and since he's post-game, he's only slightly less misanthropic. Only slightly. He's still learning. I ranted and rambled about him on his application so if you want to read through it go right ahead! It's spoilery though.

You can contact me at [ profile] ponyduh or with my email, I may get an AIM in the future but for now just plurk and email. I look forward to playing with you guys!
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We are going to get all sorts of Nintendo mascots in this place, I can feel it. hahaha~

Hi, I'm Kuu commenting from an iPod (so don't mind the weird typos ;; I'm usually more articulate than this!) to say Welcome to the world. I haven't gotten Black/White yet seeing as how Sonic and Zelda have been draining my waller dry last year with their crazy anniversary parties BUT I LOOK FORWARD TO PLAYING WITH N ANYWAY!! With Sonic and Link, of course. 8);;;

random icon button away~
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So I've been told! Honestly, I've just been wanting it for that adorable candle-mon because akls;gasdkjfasdljk it's so adorable and purple ;; AND I SAW THAT DIRECT SEQUEL THING!! A friend and I haven't even gotten the first in the series and already they're coming out with another one- I AM THROWING MY MONEY AT NINTENDO AT THIS POINT


But yes. Nintendo buddies/Smash Bros...? 8D??
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I just want to know all the spoilers for that new Fire Emblem game coming out. The moment I saw the Shield of Seals in that Trailer man... Tables were flipped.


And how can you say no to one of your Nin-senpai, N?
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oh, just the way I like it. *A* CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!
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Welcome back to RP and I'm excited to see an N coming to the game; I haven't played Black and White, but, I've spoiled myself enough that it makes me really really wanna play the games haha.

But yeah. I'm Savannah (or Sav - whichever, I'll answer to anything really) and I play this fatass god Amaterasu. I apologize now if N mistakes her for a Pokemon, since she'll be primarily in her wolf form most of the time. At least...until the time limit runs out, that day, at least. Haha.
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And now that that is out of the way. Hi, I'm Kelly, just playing Saralegui here from Kyo Kara Maoh. And I am going to jump all over N once things get going so. Yes, I suppose this doubles as a welcome and a warning :>
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SOB NO. There's a petition for the 4th season but it isn'y likely to ever happen, since season 3 ended forever ago. I'd watched the first two seasons FOREVER ago and thought it was over there, but then got nostalgia one day and went to watch it online and was like "Bwa? OVAs? Season 3? WHAT IS THIS."

But yes. Perstering is one word for it.
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Do go for it if you have the time some day, I would love for there to be more people who have seen season three because apparently everyone in the fandom hates it and Sara but me ; ;
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It actually gets a little darker/more dramatic with the third season. Mostly Sara's fault. But it is still basically really silly so whatever :>

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Hello there! I'm Amber and I just play this little soccer derp from Inazuma Eleven GO c:

Lovely to see N in HR, though~ Not sure whether or not N and Kirino will interact, BUT. It should be interesting if they do.
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Hey Sophie, and welcome back to RP! I'm Jamiemod, this is my idiot GM, and I play Gauche @ [personal profile] delivers and Silabus @ [personal profile] sillybutts. Glad to have you in the game! And congrats on taking the OOC comm's cherry kyaaaaa~~~

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It is definitely fine! And Sillybutt's my favorite too aaaaaaa easy bake ovan and matsu are close seconds. u////u

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the moon tree guys were fabulous! and idk I can't remember who you're trying to talk about HAHA SOB I HAVEN'T PLAYED IN A WHILE EITHER... I really liked sakaki until he went craycray and was 12. and zelkova u///u
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LMAO I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER. intro to jamie she never remembers anything. now I know I need to replay...