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test drive meme

the test drive meme

It's a new day in The World, and a special quest is abound. But wait, the players cry! The game isn't open yet! Shush you, the GMs warned. This is only a test drive meme.

The game is simple. You've woken up in a lush field of grass, soft to the touch and a little damp with dew. Spring has reached The World, and there's a randomized checklist in your hand. Your goal is to catch five of the Lucky Animals bounding about, and it's perfectly fine to work together. In fact, we encourage it!

Collect them all and deposit them in a pen where the GMs await. There's plenty for everyone, but they will be watching closely for cheaters. Any items won in this pre-game minigame will carry over once [community profile] holyrelic opens, so get your limited edition item set today!

Magnificent prizes await you, so go forth! Just beware; some of the Lucky Animals aren't really so lucky and have their own side effects.

(All participants who apply will receive a mochi hat of the player's choosing. They can be either small (think mini tophats) or large (like a harvest cleric's hat) and any of the three colors, with any variety of accessories.

All participants who finish the quest will earn a spring-themed beginner item set! It will include one weapon and a bonus item set with five restoratives, five randomized buff spells, and five randomized food items.)
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[ Anyone from [ profile] holyrelic would recognize the shortstack GM Kain, with his testy expression and his boots propped up on the table in front of him. His arms are crossed and his chair is tilted back on two legs, sunk into the soft soil an inch or so.

He's surrounded by numbered animal pens, and his Relic is on one leg neglected.

In fact, it seems he's long since nodded off.

Do you dare approach and deposit your animals, for fear of waking him? Will you shove him right over, chair and all? Or will you simply poke him with a stick from a safe distance? All are relevant choices in The World. ]
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PEN 5 (tba as needed from here)

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open to all! claiming pen 2

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[ The returning Steam Gunner is a little baffled at first-- but he quickly reorients himself when he sits up. It was an area type he hadn't been to in quite a while, usually opting for the darker dungeons or night fields.

He holds up a gloved hand as a shield, violet eyes squinting against the brightness. It'd been about a year in The World, and he still wasn't used to such light.

But the letter bee recognizes all the markers of a Quest when he sees them. The checklist, the brief explanation-- and the GMs, far off. There was no mistaking it.

The silver-haired man gets to his feet and brushes off his navy leather pants. He isn't very good at approaching others, and Miss Amaterasu is nowhere in sight. ]
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[The reason that she's nowhere in sight? Is because she's coming up behind him.



How do you feel about a sun goddess tackling you from behind for hugs? Because it's gonna happen if he doesn't move his butt out of the way in the next millisecond.]
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[It doesn't take long for Pit to adjust to his new surroundings; he's pretty much used to winding up in strange places without warning at this point.

After rolling about in the grass a bit (hey, it's dewy! Gotta enjoy yourself where you can, right?!) he sits up, taking everything in nice and slow before going over his checklist with a soft hum]

Oh, a treasure hunt? Hmmm... It's not like I have to raise it to some crazy intensity this time... Okay, let's do it! This'll be a piece of cake!
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[nice and slow? Fat chance of that happening with this speedster around! Without warning, a sudden gust of wind comes flying through the area and knocking out a Moon Rabbit along the way]

Aha~ Lose you once, shame on me, but twice?! Better luck next time!

[seems someone's getting used to the whole body change thing. Though he still looks a little unsteady on his feet]

No sweat.
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Whoa! What the--

[he could swear he lost a few feathers from that highspeed gust-- no matter, they'd grow back. Still--]

Heh heh, nice catch! Say, how many have you got so far?!

[not interested in being left behind, Pit's taking out his Gunner weapons, taking a more 'traditional' hunting approach to this quest...]
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[This is not Tokyo.

It takes him a minute to realize where he actually is and Yuuta isn't exactly sure how he feels about it. Surprised, definitely, but happy too as memories of The World come flooding back.

But there's no time to wonder about why he's suddenly back here because it looks like there's a quest going on and his competitive side kicks in immediately. Those prizes, he wants them.

So off he goes.]
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[There's a weird animal suddenly running past Yuuta, followed by a Macabre Dancer with a very pink hat.]

Don't just stand there, catch it, catch it!!

[Takeshi had been trying to catch the Baku for the past few minutes (hours??) already, and while it was relieving to see a familiar face in the field, the top priority was catching the Lucky Animals!]
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[He doesn't have time to react to seeing Takeshi because as soon as he hears him shout, Yuuta quickly glances around to see what he's referring to. Spotting the Baku, Yuuta makes a mad dash for it until he thinks he's close enough. He drops his spell book to free his hands and launches himself at the animal, arms outstretched and ready to grab it.]
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WTF i thought I pushed 'post comment'

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[he dusts off some dirt from his pants (PANTS can you believe it?) before looking up]

... Yo, didn't see ya there! [salute] As for me... [the points at the rabbit]
He's the first one I've gotten so far. Gotta get used to running 'round like this first, y'know?

[huff!] Man, new worlds are fine and all, but a little warning about the species change would have been nice too.

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[ HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THAT until it happens because he's still a little baffled-- whoa!

He stumbles a bit with a surprised "ah!", but he recognizes the visible markings on the arms around him and smiles. ]

Miss Amaterasu-- you're here as well? It must be another quest, right?
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[Takeshi slows down as he watches Yuuta tackle the Baku. He lets out a cheer and sprints toward his friend (wow, how long have they not seen each other?) to help him drag the Lucky Animal to one of the pens. He was grinning ear to ear.]

That was great! It looked like you flew at it, Yuuta!
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[Yuuta grins widely as Takeshi approaches. Wow, was he glad to see you.]

Heheh, it was a piece of cake!

[The Baku in his arms struggle to free itself but Yuuta keeps his hold on it.]

We should get this to the pen before it runs away again.
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[whoa, sudden personality change much?!]
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[The warning comes a little late. Yuuta looks up just as something zips past him, making him take a surprised step backward. In the process though, he somehow loses his balance and falls onto his butt.]

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[of course she's here as well! she huffs at him, the sound more or less muffled by his clothing, before she goes to move around him.

her hand coming to rest against his arm instead as she takes to standing at his side.]


[she holds up her piece of paper, peering at him]

It looks as though it's a quest. [a pause] Do you think I can kick them into the pen, instead of catching them?
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[Pit, there's a pink-haired kid running by and chasing after a High Wolf, trying to catch it.

... Except he doesn't really seem to be doing a good job.]
Hey! Get back here!

[Maybe he could use some help?]
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[Kirino would be convinced this was a dream if it wasn't entirely too real. He's questioning the practicality of it all, but he might as well go along with it right?

Every now and then, he'll consult his checklist. And so he wanders.]
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[and there goes the Gold Bird Sonic was after]

I was so close too! Drat. [finger snap]

Hey, you all right over there?
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Yeah I think so. [The boy stands up and dusts his bottom off before he looks up.

Oh, hey.]


[No, wait. Something's different.]