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test drive meme

the test drive meme

It's a new day in The World, and a special quest is abound. But wait, the players cry! The game isn't open yet! Shush you, the GMs warned. This is only a test drive meme.

The game is simple. You've woken up in a lush field of grass, soft to the touch and a little damp with dew. Spring has reached The World, and there's a randomized checklist in your hand. Your goal is to catch five of the Lucky Animals bounding about, and it's perfectly fine to work together. In fact, we encourage it!

Collect them all and deposit them in a pen where the GMs await. There's plenty for everyone, but they will be watching closely for cheaters. Any items won in this pre-game minigame will carry over once [community profile] holyrelic opens, so get your limited edition item set today!

Magnificent prizes await you, so go forth! Just beware; some of the Lucky Animals aren't really so lucky and have their own side effects.

(All participants who apply will receive a mochi hat of the player's choosing. They can be either small (think mini tophats) or large (like a harvest cleric's hat) and any of the three colors, with any variety of accessories.

All participants who finish the quest will earn a spring-themed beginner item set! It will include one weapon and a bonus item set with five restoratives, five randomized buff spells, and five randomized food items.)
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[If he didn't live with such a vivid-maned goddess already, he'd wonder about that hair colour, but... now's not the time! It's time to catch some animals, so Pit starts running ahead to cut it off]

I've got him, I've got him! Get ready to catch him, okay!?

H-here boy! Hey! Be a good doggie and stop running!
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[Kirino's ready to lunge for that wolf--and he'll be doing so in three...

... two...

... one!]
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Got him!! [And Pit grabs onto its legs just to make sure it's down!]

Nice work! You're pretty fast, heh heh!
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Thanks! And thanks for the help. [Kirino grins.]

Now, time to put this guy in one of the pens... Could you help me make sure he doesn't escape?
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Hey, no problem! There's strength in numbers, right? Let's go take him back together!

[Have an encouraging smile back, Kirino. Want him to carry that wolf for you? The little guy's stronger than he looks!]
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Yeah! [That might be a good idea, actually! This wolf's heavier than it looks.] I'm Kirino, by the way.