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test drive meme

the test drive meme

It's a new day in The World, and a special quest is abound. But wait, the players cry! The game isn't open yet! Shush you, the GMs warned. This is only a test drive meme.

The game is simple. You've woken up in a lush field of grass, soft to the touch and a little damp with dew. Spring has reached The World, and there's a randomized checklist in your hand. Your goal is to catch five of the Lucky Animals bounding about, and it's perfectly fine to work together. In fact, we encourage it!

Collect them all and deposit them in a pen where the GMs await. There's plenty for everyone, but they will be watching closely for cheaters. Any items won in this pre-game minigame will carry over once [community profile] holyrelic opens, so get your limited edition item set today!

Magnificent prizes await you, so go forth! Just beware; some of the Lucky Animals aren't really so lucky and have their own side effects.

(All participants who apply will receive a mochi hat of the player's choosing. They can be either small (think mini tophats) or large (like a harvest cleric's hat) and any of the three colors, with any variety of accessories.

All participants who finish the quest will earn a spring-themed beginner item set! It will include one weapon and a bonus item set with five restoratives, five randomized buff spells, and five randomized food items.)
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[ Anyone from [ profile] holyrelic would recognize the shortstack GM Kain, with his testy expression and his boots propped up on the table in front of him. His arms are crossed and his chair is tilted back on two legs, sunk into the soft soil an inch or so.

He's surrounded by numbered animal pens, and his Relic is on one leg neglected.

In fact, it seems he's long since nodded off.

Do you dare approach and deposit your animals, for fear of waking him? Will you shove him right over, chair and all? Or will you simply poke him with a stick from a safe distance? All are relevant choices in The World. ]
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nothing like a belated reply to get things rolling? idk

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[there's a green Blade Brandier standing by the pen, looking quite content playing with the High Wolf he's put into the pen earlier. Maybe he's just the sort of guy who likes animals?]
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[ And Kain is unamused. ]

Shouldn't you get doing something? Like getting the rest?
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[Yuuta and Takeshi are back at the pen with their fifth animal! Only this one happens to be a Malice Cat and they don't seem to know what's wrong. Oops.]
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[Takeshi tosses the Malice cat in. And now they have a Baku, a Fate Worm, a Qi Lin, a Leviathan, and the Malice Cat. Takeshi even counts them to make sure they're five in total.]
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There! That should be good enough.

[He glances around for the GM and tries to get his attention by waving and calling.]

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[ HE IS SO NONPLUSSED. It isn't even funny. What.

What did you do. What are you doing. ]

Did you follow your lists? One of those isn't even a Lucky Animal.

[ UGH EYEROLL ETC why. Why wasn't this Keane's job. ]
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[not even gonna look at the list.]

I knew that worm thing wasn't a lucky animal!

[because the PCs love Kain more??? oh, and before momo forgets:] ...We don't have to start over, do we?
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Awww don't make us do that, we worked so hard for them.

[Tries to turn up little boy charm! C'mon Kain, you don't have the heart to deny him, right? 8D?]
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PEN 5 (tba as needed from here)

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