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test drive meme

the test drive meme

It's a new day in The World, and a special quest is abound. But wait, the players cry! The game isn't open yet! Shush you, the GMs warned. This is only a test drive meme.

The game is simple. You've woken up in a lush field of grass, soft to the touch and a little damp with dew. Spring has reached The World, and there's a randomized checklist in your hand. Your goal is to catch five of the Lucky Animals bounding about, and it's perfectly fine to work together. In fact, we encourage it!

Collect them all and deposit them in a pen where the GMs await. There's plenty for everyone, but they will be watching closely for cheaters. Any items won in this pre-game minigame will carry over once [community profile] holyrelic opens, so get your limited edition item set today!

Magnificent prizes await you, so go forth! Just beware; some of the Lucky Animals aren't really so lucky and have their own side effects.

(All participants who apply will receive a mochi hat of the player's choosing. They can be either small (think mini tophats) or large (like a harvest cleric's hat) and any of the three colors, with any variety of accessories.

All participants who finish the quest will earn a spring-themed beginner item set! It will include one weapon and a bonus item set with five restoratives, five randomized buff spells, and five randomized food items.)
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[The reason that she's nowhere in sight? Is because she's coming up behind him.



How do you feel about a sun goddess tackling you from behind for hugs? Because it's gonna happen if he doesn't move his butt out of the way in the next millisecond.]

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[ HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THAT until it happens because he's still a little baffled-- whoa!

He stumbles a bit with a surprised "ah!", but he recognizes the visible markings on the arms around him and smiles. ]

Miss Amaterasu-- you're here as well? It must be another quest, right?
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[of course she's here as well! she huffs at him, the sound more or less muffled by his clothing, before she goes to move around him.

her hand coming to rest against his arm instead as she takes to standing at his side.]


[she holds up her piece of paper, peering at him]

It looks as though it's a quest. [a pause] Do you think I can kick them into the pen, instead of catching them?

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[ He laughs at that, smile ever-present. His own list is produced to check against hers. High Wolf, Moon Rabbit, Qi Lin, Tengu, and Totetsu. ]

I wouldn't want to hurt them-- but I don't see why you couldn't.

[ It felt strange-- his memories were fuzzy. It seemed as though a long time had passed and The World, while familiar, was different. Memories of his own world were far away, but still warm.

It was unsettling, and his smile fell. He took notice of Amaterasu's touch, laying a hand on top of hers. Maybe she felt the same...? ]
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[she wants to argue that she kicks the Chim Chims all the time, but Gauche's hand gives a temporary relieve from the thought of abuse towards the Lucky Animals. her attention rests at his gloved hand before she looks back to him.

actions are louder than words, aren't they?

her expression falls before settling to one of understanding and comfort. yes, she most definitely felt the same. it was a little odd, but...fuzzy memories were something that she was rather used to.]
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leaning into him, she peers at his list. it was different from her own: Leviathan, Sleipnir, Kudan, Tokoh, and Nue.]

I hope these Tengu don't resemble the ones that I know...

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[ It seemed she did. Well, there was always time to sort those things out later. They were never in any shortage of that in The World.

Some things never changed. ]

Hmmm, I think I've seen one before. They have big noses. Were the ones you know particularly terrible?

[ His hand goes to the crystal clear emerald steam gun in its holster, looking around at the odd Lucky Animals running about the field. It'd be tricky to catch them, but he was interested in the challenge. ]

Shall we?
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Some of them were certainly ugly, but they were able to put up a good fight.

[she stretches, hands coming to rest at the back of her head; she almost misses the challenges the demons back home used to present...]

Mm. Let's.

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The ones here are rather cute; maybe you'll like them!

[ He begins shooting, starting from the outer edges to herd them together in the middle. He darts off to the right for her to take the left, and hopefully come in to the middle and catch the ones they wanted.

His legs carry him quickly, with a long, mile-eating lope he rarely exerts himself into using in his world. To over-exert was to grow weak, and fail delivery schedules. It was all about pacing oneself properly and taking care of your own body-- the latter part always being one he had problems with. ]